At Holmes Tree Services we are passionate about the environment and promote the Country and Wildlife Act 1981, respecting nesting season and taking care not to disturb natural habitats as well as working within the restrictions of Tree Preservation Orders and conservation areas. 


Bird nesting season falls between February and August, during this time it is recommended that all tree, hedge or site clearance work is completed outside of this period. When quoting for work to be undertaken we will carry out a detailed inspection to ensure there are no nests present and repeat this once more before carrying out the work agreed. If any nests are identified in either instances, we will arrange the work to be carried out outside of nesting season or postpone the work. If during the period of quotation to commencement of work you identify a birds nest, we ask you to contact the office to reschedule. 

Tree Protection 

We take careful consideration with trees that are within conservation areas or that have a Tree Preservation Order on them, you can find out if this applies to you by contacting the local council or looking at the council website.  
If your tree is protected, you will need to apply to have the work carried out and we will need to view the permission in writing before we carry out any work. 

Our waste wherever possible is recycled 

Woodchip is utilised as a renewable energy source in Biomass or may be put back onto land as mulch where it will benefit the local Eco system. Timber can be stacked for use by the owner or occupier as a source of fuel or habitat and any unwanted logs are removed and stored for firewood by Holmes Tree Services. 

Wildlife Friendly 

Our fencing can be modified to allow gaps for wildlife such as hedgehogs. Hedgehogs travel around one mile a night to find food and a mate, enclosing your garden may get in their way and a small gap in your fence can remove this barrier. A Hedgehog highway can be as small as 13cm by 13cm and is ample room for a hedgehog to pass by but too small for nearly all pets to escape. Should you wish to have a hedgehog highway included in your fencing quotation, please just let us know and we can add this free of charge, alternatively you can create your own! 
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